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Unsafe or poorly maintained gas boilers can produce highly poisonous carbon monoxide gas, which can quickly kill you in minutes, with no warning!
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Knowing the Symptoms of CO Poisoning could Save YOUR life
The symptoms of CO poisoning can resemble those of food poisoning or the flu because they have similar symptoms. However, unlike flu, poisoning from CO does not cause a high temperature.

If you think you are being affected by carbon monoxide, turn off the appliance, open the doors and windows to get rid of the carbon monoxide, and see your doctor urgently.

The six main symptoms to look out for:

Loss of Consciousness

Get fresh air immediately. Open doors and windows, turn off gas appliances and leave the house
See your doctor immediately or go to hospital - let them know that you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning. They can do a blood or breath test to check. If you think there is immediate danger, call the Gas Emergency Helpline.
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